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Christine Mayr is a Profesional Gourmet Raw Food Chef & Chef Instructor and was born in Munich. She found out about her passion about whole organic food in a early age.


While living in the early 90s in Norhern California she got excited about the vibrancy and creativity of raw and healthy plantbased food. Fascinated of the principles of using whole, live foods to aid in healing and revenuation, Christine studied the benefits of raw food at the Culinary Arts Institute, California and became a Profesional Gourmet Raw Food Chef & Chef Instructor.


Her passions are in creating nourishing foods and in guiding individuals to greater energy and health through the art of delicious food preparation and appreciation.


Her cuisine is greatly influenced by the flavors and cultures she met while living and working in various countries.

Christine works as private chef, preparing delicious menus for your private event and/or on a daily/weekly basis in your very own kitchen. As well she works on events or as guest chef in restaurants for special ocacions.

For clients with special needs Christine creates diet plans.


As food stylists she corporates in various food photography productions around Europe.


She teaches and inspires with her plantbased creations other professionals and trains your staff.

She is the author of the book RohVegan and a recipe author for her Raw Series in Slowly Veggie Magazine, which is published in Germany, France, Spain, Italy and Polonia.


Christine says: "I experience great pleasure connecting personally with my clients, students, friends and family and inspiring them to archive great health by preparing delicious and healthy food." 

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